KFN IV – Current Projects

Aim of the Network is the investigation of functional nanostructures. Current work focuses on the development of appropriate manufacturing techniques, the investigation of physical and chemical properties as well as on potential applications. In all projects, the specific biological, electronic, optical and magnetic properties of functional structures on the nanometer scale are in the center of interest, as their properties and interactions are decisive for a wide range of applications. Three major fields of applications of nanostructures can be distinguished. Accordingly, the activities of the Research Network “Functional Nanostructures” are divided into four research areas:

Profound understanding of the properties and interactions of nanostructures in devices, on surfaces or in materials is needed for the further development of existing and the opening up of new applications. Examples range from nanoelectronics and nanooptics to medical engineering and sensor technology to the development of novel high-performance materials and layers. Various technologically relevant properties of materials, layers, and devices, e.g. electronic, optical, mechanical, tribological, adhesive or chemical properties, directly result from their structure on the nanometer scale.

The Research Network “Functional Nanostructures” represents an interdisciplinary research endeavor, in which various disciplines from experiment to theory, from physics to chemistry, and from electrical engineering to materials sciences and life sciences cooperate very closely. The competencies and foci of the individual partner institutions complement each other in an ideal manner.