QED auf dem Chip: Wechselwirkung von Quantenpunkten mit einem supraleitenden Resonator

Grafik konnte nicht angezeigt werden (Single quantum dot system)

A single quantum dot system used in our measurements. The right panel shows part of the electrical characterization ('charge stability diagram'). Excited states are clearly visible.

Grafik konnte nicht angezeigt werden (Quantum dot-resonator circuit)

Quantum dot-resonator circuit. A spin qubit formed in a double quantum dot, each dot containing one electron, is placed at a maximum of the electric field inside a superconducting transmission line resonator. The resonator electric field couples to the interdot tunnel gate T, which modifies the tunnel barrier height. The electrons in the dots experience a magnetic field given by an applied field Bext and Overhauser fields BNL/NR due to nuclear spins, which are different for the two dots. The transmission line provides the coupling to a second spin qubit indicated on the left.